Guitar and Banjo lessons

Here are some comments collected from students recently.

Noah says : I have been having weekly guitar lessons with Bill for about 8 years now and really enjoy them. He is a very skilful and practiced player which translates into a great teacher. He also has extensive knowledge on the musical world and a sense of humour. – (Noah – Adult Student)

“I have been learning bluegrass banjo with Bill for the last couple of years. The best recommendation I can make is that I keep on coming back for more! Bill is very patient with his students and is very easy to understand.” – Garry (Adult Student)

When I first started taking lessons from Bill I knew nothing about music at all. Also I wanted to learn an instrument I knew nothing about. With Bill’s introductory course you are playing along with basic songs within a week and progressing to instrumentals and a bigger variety of songs and learning the essence of banjo playing; rolls, licks, intros and other techniques.  And what better place to learn the banjo than up in the hills by a log fire! – Tony (Adult Student).

I have surprised myself at how much pleasure I get from playing the banjo with Bill’s system and direction. Coming later in life to music appreciation, and with a background of being an enthusiastic starter of projects (but not so great at stickability!), I have enjoyed banjo lessons with Bill for the last year. Juggling work, family and community commitments means the banjo lesson is all about time for me to sing and pick along with a wide range of classic and modern music arranged in a way I can play.  – Norma (Adult Student)


Thank you for teaching me the guitar this year. I really did like all the songs. I hope you have a Merry Xmas! I can’t wait to start lessons again next year (Daniel W. 9)

The lessons were really worthwhile and lots of fun. (Sam 9)

Bill’s teaching is fun! (Ruby 10)

Thank you for all the hard work you put into teaching us guitar – from your noisiest student – Trinette!! (11)

Thank you Bill for all your hard work and patience over the year. I hope you enjoy your presents. Merry Christmas! (Luke 12)

The lessons are so cool and Bill is so funny and fun. (Ashley 11)

Bill is cool. He can sing well. (Kara 10 turning 11 in December)

Bill is a good teacher and will help you play your guitar and help you learn chords. (Sarah 10)

Bill is a really good teacher at explaining and teaching chords as well as singing.

Bill is a good teacher and he is fun. (Sophie 11)

He teaches good! (Eric 11)

I like the chords and the way you teach how they work together. (Luke 10)

Bill! All the best for the year ahead. We wish you good luck and fortune! (Melissa 12, Stephen 11 and Sandy.)

High school age students

I was Bill Hynson’s student for two and a half years. His teaching is really interesting; you can start playing guitar right from the beginning. The time is taken up mainly by playing songs, with sometimes a bit of theory, so that you enjoy yourself as well as learn to play your instrument. (Jeremie 15)