Guitar and Banjo lessons

Guitar and Banjo Tuition Books

Guitar Instruction

  • For individual or class learning
  • Step 1 and 2 are arranged in easy to read chord charts and full lyrics.
  • Each song has the Starting Note, a Suggested Strum or Accompaniment and an Ending.
  • There are detailed sections on posture, technique, types of guitar, tuning and changing strings.
  • Beatles, Dylan, Buddy Holly – all of your favourite songs
  • Step 1 & 2 are illustrated by the author and were trialed for four years with 6 to 16 year olds at two Auckland music schools.
  • Currently used by teachers training courses throughout NZ.
  • What the students think. Reviews

Guitar Step 1 + Practise CD.

ISBN 0-9583265-2-5 (99 pages) $40:00 + $4:00 P&P (includes Practise CD)
This first year guitar instruction text starts the absolute beginner strumming 1, 2 then 3 chord songs in A & D. Lots of attention is given to the crucial step of changing the first 2 chords on time & to the establishment of good practise habits.

  • 90 of the best Rock, Pop & Traditional songs in A, D & Em
  • Lots of Strums plus the Bass / Chord strum. 4/4 and 3/4
  • Beginning To Finger Pick · Beginning To Read Music
  • Changing Keys · Xmas Songs
  • New Zealand Songs · Inventing Rhythms
  • What and How To Practise
  • Step 1 Practise CD: 39 tracks of songs and exercises from Step 1 recorded with clear simple guitar and vocals. Designed as a play-a-long CD for use at home. Graded A to E7 changing exercises. 1, 2 and 3 chord songs all from the book. Bass Chord Strum and Fingerpicking. Tuning track.

Guitar Step 2

ISBN 0-9583265-3-3 (97 pages) $35:00 + $4:00 P&P

  • 60 of the best Rock, Pop & Traditional songs in the keys of A, D, G & C
  • Bass / Chord, Blues and Rock Strums
  • Finger Picking 3 arpeggios
  • Xmas Songs
  • What and How To Practise
  • Reading Music & Tablature
  • Basic Theory
  • Transposing

5 String Banjo Instruction

Basic Backup:

30pp book plus audio CD $35 incl P&P
This CD and book will teach you how to play the basic chords (G, C, D7, G7 & Em) and to play a simple backup pattern to 34 two and three chord songs in G. 34 common bluegrass and popular songs in the key of G recorded on CD. Plus – a 32pp booklet with all songs in easy to read chord charts. Chord diagrams, chord changing exercises, backup lick exercises (all 12 exercises demonstrated on CD), how to hold the banjo, how to practise.

Very Easy Beginner Instrumentals:

Audio CD + booklet. $35 incl P&P
This CD and book will teach you how to play instrumental breaks to 5 common tunes (Tom Dooley, Aunt Rhody, Goodnight Ladies, Bile Dem Cabbage Down, Skip to My Lou). Each tune has 4 versions that range from very easy (Version 1) to easy (Version 4). The tunes are written in easy to read tablature and recorded on CD. The Doublethumbing Roll (how to do it, exercises, using it for backup and lead.) Slides. How to read tab. How to practise.

The ‘Weather…Or Not’ ESOL Series

    New Zealand English Language Activities by Yvonne and Bill Hynson
  • Suitable for EFL, ESOL, Adult Literacy, Home Tutoring.
  • Elementary to early intermediate level
  • Divided into 12 sections corresponding to the months of the year.
  • Holidays, customs and seasons as they occur each month throughout the year.
  • Each activity gives the student the vocabulary they need to talk about what is happening to them and around them in NZ.
  • Trialed for 12 years with a variety of nationalities & ages (12-65)
  • The emphasis is on fun and creative discussion.

Valley Music Publications Binding
All Valley Music Publications have plastic laminated covers and are bound in sturdy Wire-O binding.

They can be ordered from your local teacher resource centre or purchased direct from Valley Music Publications.

Piano Traders in Mt Eden Rd & Hewitt’s Guitar Shop at 860 Dominion Rd usually have copies.